Why You Should Purchase a New Home Rather than an Older Home

The New Home versus Old Home debate is one that can sometimes leave homebuyers wondering which way is the right way to go. While there’s no arguing that a recently restored Victorian is indeed a beautiful sight, the work and costs that go into maintaining such an old home are beyond what most people can manage.

The 5 Advantages of a New Home Purchase

  1. New homes are often built with community and neighborhood in mind. These homes are developed with the purpose of providing homebuyers with a solid foundation upon which their families can thrive.
  2. New homes require little maintenance. There are no worries that the roof hasn’t been replaced in 30 years or that the electrical needs rewiring. With a new home you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing nothing needs to be replaced.
  3. Believe it or not new homes are often less expensive. Older homes can be over-priced as sellers sometimes have a difficult time separating their emotional attachment to their home from its actual value.
  4. New homes provide more outlets, dishwashers and other modern conveniences. Have you ever noticed there never seem to be enough outlets in an older home? And often times if you plug in too many things you’ll trip a breaker or, in very old homes, blow a fuse. How many people these days even know what a fuse box looks like? With a new home you don’t have to worry. They’re built to accommodate the many appliances, phones, computers and gadgets we all need to plug in.
  5. Lastly, consider energy efficiency and the chance to “go green”.  New homes are built with energy efficiency in mind. Older homes require expensive updates to meet the same standard.

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